Thursday, May 30, 2013 - Taking us to the "Next Generation of Patient Centered" Care

Our Mission
A unique opportunity currently exists for stake holders to improve the way our nation delivers care to its citizens. The current environment of regulatory reform, shrinking budgets and increasing patient populations has created the “the perfect storm”, thus setting the stage for the  greatest disruption in the history of the healthcare industry. There has to be a delivery system that is flexible enough to meet to the needs of every consumer on their own terms. How do we provide a valuable alternative for the 26 year old waitress without health insurance, the 46 year-old lawyer who doesn't trust the system and the 63 year old self-employed artist? I believe there is, and it is  seeks to connect patients, providers, researchers, educators and tech companies through an innovative mobile network. This collaboration will provide a direct connection at the point of care through a flexible digital platform.  The end result will be  “on demand” care delivered on any internet enabled device or through ERM’s proprietary Automated Community Health Machines (ACHM). These “mini-clinics”, about the size of a photo booth will private access to primary care, preventive screenings and disease management education to anyone anywhere anytime. When all you need is power and the internet the possibilities are endless. ERM believes that shared decision making relies on patient engagement and the only road to meaningful engagement is through education. A sustainable healthcare system will only be achieved through a partnership with the consumer. Value is in the eye of the beholder and provides meaningful solutions to every consumer. A positive patient/physician relationship is the greatest factor in compliance with treatment. The decision to seek or not to seek treatment is a personal one. Not one that can be dictated by big business. Thanks to the ACA, we have brought attention to the needs of certain populations like the elderly and the uninsured, but what about the insured who are turned off by the system? What are we doing to address the growing number of consumers who choose privacy over healthcare? 

The Empirical Benefits
  • Greater Consumer Experience ·  
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Flexible Delivery
  •  Access at the Point of Care ·         
  • Shared Decision Making ·
  • Whole System Change ·         
  • Data, Data, Data    

How We Got to This Point… 
Empirical Risk Management began as an “experiment” to prove the positive impact that education could have on reducing costs, engaging patients and improving the overall experience of care.  Our pilot was a huge success and the ROI was incredible, but the greatest achievement of all was seeing the hunger for knowledge and the positive impact on human life that was reflected in patient centered whole system change. Please visit our website to find out more about our pilot: 
This project extends that valuable patient/physician relationship to every consumer in the healthcare market. will provide the platform necessary to launch this disruptive innovative technology into the hands of every consumer for $300 a year and as little as $25 A “virtual visit”. Consider the benefit this would allow employers to provide to their employees on any "job site". 
We know that our emotions play a significant role in the healing process. Could we reduce the time of recovery by allowing patients the comfort and security of their own bed? What about disease management? Could this be the tool that primary care providers have been looking for to encourage healthier decisions? What about monitoring changes in medication? What about the benefit of reducing of hospital admissions and re-admissions through earlier identification and prevention of exacerbations in chronic disease? 
The individual voice of a patient or a provider will never be enough, but together we can move mountains. Join our revolution, help fund the “Next Generation of Patient Centered” Care. 

The Minds Behind The Movement… 
Kameron Gifford, CPC 
Over the last twelve years, I have worked with physicians to develop efficient billing practices, implement value added processes and improve the entire experience of care for their patients. What can this knowledge contribute to developing compliant, engaging and transparent care delivery systems? 

Todd Gifford, MBA
My husband is a managed care executive with one the country's largest health plans. To him, this project represents a solution; an answer to some of healthcare's greatest barriers. But most of all he envisions a way to connect providers with their patients in real time outside of the “clinic”... a tool for chronic disease management. 

JM McCullough, MD 
My father celebrated his 70th birthday last week. He is the inspiration behind ERM's work and our proprietary model of care "The Preventist". His primary care practice is still located within 15 miles of where he completed his Residency and our average patient is an 83 years old male with 3 or more chronic conditions. His career in managed care began shortly after Reagan left office and continues today as an Associate Medical Director for a managed Medicaid plan in addition to seeing patients everyday.  His leadership and guidance was essential in creating a vehicle for the  “Next Generation of Patient-Centered”.

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