Tuesday, January 21, 2014

INNOVATE Your ICD-10 Program Today With FREE On-Demand Learning…

Are you looking for a way to engage, educate and empower your staff? 
How much have you spent on training and education for ICD-10? 
What if you could offer your employees this valuable training at NO COST?

Before you invest, I challenge you to join Dr. D and Natalie for just one short lesson –


ICD-10-CM Chapters  13 - 14

Join Dr. D and Natalie for a review of Chapters 13 and 14 in ICD-10-CM. Then play ICD-10 Gridlock to practice your skills and help Dr. D make it to the office.   

ICD-10-CM Chapters 15 -17

Join Dr. D. and Natalie for a review of Chapters 15 - 17 and then practice yours skills with a fun review!

To Launch Course:    http://hcms.elearningserver.com/6791052422

ICD-10 Beat the Banker Chapters 1-9

Help Dr. D. raise money to remodel the office. Use your skills from ICD-10-CM Chapters 1-9 to help Dr. D reduce waste and eliminate errors. Your right answers will ensure Mr. DeNile, Dr. D's banker doesn't take him to the bank.

TO Launch Content:   http://hcms.elearningserver.com/6791068723