Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Consider the Value of Engaging Patients through Fun and Interactive Games...

Are you a physician looking for fun new ways to engage your patients and help them take control of their own health? Are you a patient who has just been diagnosed with diabetes?

What if we could game our way to better health? I believe we can.

Consider "Diabetes Space Race" a quick fun interactive game, that patients can play in the waiting room or while in the exam room waiting to be seen.

With inexpensive games we can fill this "dead time" with meaningful fun!

These 5 minute games can not only teach, but also track and measure the experiences of your patients.

Easily make them available from any device for use outside of the office as well.

All on a complete HIPPA secure server!

To play "Diabetes Space Race" click the picture below:

If you are interested in offering this game or others to your patients, please email: Kameron Gifford