Saturday, October 17, 2015

HHS-HCC Risk Adjustment Review

Open Enrollment starts November 1st.... Is your team ready?

Test your risk adjustment knowledge with this new game from mHealth Games.  Click the picture above to launch.

Quick Review of the ACA Commercial Model of Risk Adjustment, and HHS-HCC Codes in ICD-10.

Early Detection Saves Lives

The American Cancer Society estimates that 526 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer today.
Add that up and that’s 192,200 women in the US diagnosed every year. What are the odds that one of them is someone you know?
If we are all doing our monthly self-exams and remembering to schedule a mammogram, the odds of surviving a fight with breast cancer increases greatly.

Why are self-exams so important?

Self-exams are an important first step because you can often feel a lump before it has caused any other symptoms. When was your last breast self-exam?

Click the picture above to play “Now Showing” and become a BSE expert!

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