For companies, the big data movement represents an opportunity to identify correlations, connect new dots, and unlock unprecedented business opportunities. But how do businesses get started? And who should own big data initiatives that straddle the entire organization?
There’s no doubt that big Data is growing fast; each year, the generation of global data is doubling, and as it does so it becomes increasingly challenging to manage, interpret, store and secure. As data sets become more complex, standard database management tools and traditional data processing applications aren’t equipped to process and analyze these enormous data sets in their respective domain. This data is often accessed from different sources and is therefore difficult to utilize to its maximum potential.
But the big data market is not just about technologies & platforms – it’s about creating new opportunities and solving problems. Smart companies seeking to set a holistic big data strategy and discover ways big data technology can be an enabler to business solutions need an independent forum to engage, learn and glean best practices.
The Big Data Conference provides three days of comprehensive content for every IT, marketing or digital professional seeking to capitalize on the boom in data volume, variety and velocity. Through the examination of large enterprise case studies bringing the practical application of big data techniques to life, the Big Data Conference fills a gap in the US market for businesses looking to capitalize on the big data opportunity and look for efficient solutions to manage the ever growing amount of structured and unstructured data.
Topics to include:
• Large enterprise case studies
• The big picture: A lifecycle for big data management
• Structuring the organization to take advantage of big data
• Setting a big data strategy
• Data visualization & interfaces
• Domain-specific data types centered on people, money, time, and location
• Hadoop and other big data platforms & architectures
Target Audience – An exclusive group of 150 Big Data Decision Makers:
• Marketing & other line of business executives
• CTO, CIO & technology executives
• Technology strategists & enterprise architects
• Business & technology leaders seeking to drive new business opportunities & outcomes through big data
• Mid to large-sized companies
• Enterprise spanning diverse major industries