Saturday, December 15, 2018

Is your organization currently taking on risk or participating in value-based payment models?

If so, we can help! 

ERM Consulting will work with your team to develop an internal risk adjustment program. 

Services Included:
  • Remote Auditing and Monitoring - Review of 25 encounters per provider, per month, with detailed monthly reports to track error trends and validation rates. 
  • Development of Custom Education - Custom education for providers and coders, every quarter, to reinforce positive changes and educate on new opportunities. 
  • Onsite Meetings (One week on-site per Quarter) - 1:1 meetings with providers, coders and leadership to review current audit results and discuss opportunities for improvement. 
  • Oversight and Guidance - ERM will provide oversight and guidance to assist with the development of development of internal team and processes needed to manage new payment models. 

Strategic Considerations:
  1. Who will be part of the team and what role will they play? 
  2. What new processes need to be added or adjusted?
  3. How will the team communicate and measure success?

Who is On-boarding, Training and Managing your Coders?

ERM also offers remote on-boarding, training and management of coders and billing teams. 

Contract during the month of December and receive a 25% Discount – on all HCC Coding Tools by ERM – visit our online store at to see a complete list.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Give your team the gift of KNOWLEDGE this year...

Prepare your TEAM for VICTORY in 2019 and Beyond...

What will define those who claim victory and those who are defeated in the battle towards value based care? Will it be those organizations with the most money, power and seats at the table? Or will it be those who are nimble, flexible and open to change?
I believe it will be both. As victory will not be defined by the owners and head coaches but instead by how the players execute on the field. It will be the game time decisions that matter most. A quarterback who can read the defense and adjust accordingly will provide far greater value to the offense than the most athletic quarterback who misses the blitz every time.
Perhaps Napoleon said it best, "Battles are won by the power of the mind." For in a game of inches, the winners and losers will be defined by those who can execute in the moments that matter most. Prepare your team for victory with information at the point of care!
ERM Consulting has developed the industries best tools for players on the frontline. 
All education is approved for CME / CEU by AMA, AAFP and AAPC.
Visit our online store or contact ERM to schedule onsite CME / CEU today.