Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Innovative digital health literacy programme reaches 100,000

The results of a programme which aimed to improve digital health literacy through a pioneering network of community-based partners is proving successful.
Tinder Foundation, along with NHS England, launched the results of the first year of the Widening Digital Participation programme, which reached 100,000 people, directly training 60,000 to improve their digital health literacy through a pioneering network of local delivery partners based in communities.
The programme, which has now been extended into a second year, aims to address health inequalities by supporting people to improve their digital skills and access health information online.
The programme recruited almost 2,000 volunteers in its first year, and supported people from some of the hardest-to-reach communities, with 82% of learners supported being socially excluded.
Bob Gann, Programme Director for Widening Digital Participation at NHS England said “Those who make most use of the NHS are least likely to be online. Improving digital skills is central to NHS England’s mission to enable people to take greater control of their own health.”