Thursday, April 30, 2015

82% of Patients Report Unsatisfactory Education from their Primary Care Physician

What is the health literacy of patients with chronic kidney disease?

Generally, 9 out 10 adults lack the skills necessary to prevent disease or manage their health, but what about those with a chronic disease? A recent study published in the Australian Internal Medicine Journal aimed to determine patients’ understanding of chronic kidney disease when first presenting to a kidney specialist.

Two hundred and ten newly referred patients to a nephrology clinic were surveyed with open-ended questions about their understanding of CKD causes, symptoms and management. The average age of participants was 66.5 and 50.5% were female. 82% were referred by their primary care provider and 29% had previously seen a nephrologist. The results were:
  • 16% of patients were unsure why they were referred
  •  40% were unsure about what causes CKD
  •  51% were unsure of how to manage CKD
  • 82% reported unsatisfactory education from their primary care physician.

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Fight Back
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