Thursday, May 30, 2013

Render unto Cesar What Is His

By Todd Gifford, MBA    /    Political Writer   /   5.30.2013

Congressman Paul Ryan (Wi.) who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee was interviewed on Fox news last night discussing the House's subpoena power in relation to the latest scandal whereas the IRS has acknowledged the improper targeting of conservative groups applying for 501C4 tax exempt designations for political action committees and the levels of scrutiny placed on these right wing groups far surpass the levels of examination  political organizations that lean to the left or liberal groups experienced.
This action if proven true, attacks the heart of our governance and political system. The IRS is the body of government that should never show favoritism toward one party over another even if the bureaucrat has his own interest at heart, the illusion of transparency and an expected policy of non-bias treatment is non-negotiable.
The ability for a group to organize and fundraise is completely dependent upon the tax exempt status of the given group, if the tax exempt status is delayed this will have an apparent effect on that parties ability to mobilize supporters into a better directed coalition.
There seems to be great variation toward those who received scrutiny for requested tax exempt status. I am not Nostradamus, but I predict we have a special investigative council looking into this matter, at the very least it seems gross malfeasance has occurred and the origins of the directive must be revealed.
A visible chink has developed in the armor of Obamacare, now in its most vulnerable state, with the enforcement powers lying within the IRS. Many Americans already suffer from a fear of an Orwellian society. The very fabric that binds our great country together is unraveling before our eyes. That sacred trust in our leadership has been damaged, and we must act now.
Paul Ryan might be our last vestige of hope. Does he have the power to repeal Obamacare through his position in the House Ways and Means Committee?  In my opinion, he is our single greatest hope of preventing the machine of government from taking sole control of 17% of our Nations GDP. Stopping the eventual progression to a single payor system.
Could this IRS scandal be the impetus that Republicans have been so desperately searching for?
Americans want answers. President Obama's approval and trust ratings are dropping. Three-quarters of U.S. voters (and 63% of Democrats) want a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups. All eyes should be on Ryan in the common weeks and months. If he finds success here, he will find himself center stage among the Republican nominees for President in 2016.

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