Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will The Leaders of Today, Be The Leaders of Tomorrow?

Will The Leaders of Today, Be The Leaders of Tomorrow?

If history repeats itself, they will not. Today’s leaders and their corporations will be replaced by new companies that no one has heard of with young innovative leaders at the helm. The uptown offices will be exchanged for Wellness Centers in neighborhoods because patients will demand greater shared decision making and value-based care with increased fiscal responsibility.

Why will the industry’s strongest and most powerful corporations loose the innovation race? Because their “Innovation Department” will never be able to convince the most senior executives that innovation is more than just a new product or a marketing angle. It is a mindset, a corporate culture that originates from the top and is woven into the foundation of a corporation.

The most brilliantly written legislation supported by the best and brightest auditors with access to the entire collection of big data will NEVER change the current trend in healthcare spending if patients are not involved. This involvement, or patient engagement must be center stage over the entire continuum of care; not a follow up call after a hospital admission by a Case Manager. We must look outside the box to address the needs of patients and not insurers. Then, we must create flexible solutions that meet those specific needs.

The ability to adapt quickly will be necessary and this conflicts with current corporate ethos. Accountability has been diluted by board meetings and conference calls. While emails are shuffled around from person to person, no one wanting to take action. Instead of teaching physicians and clinical staff how to document to a higher level of specificity we are hiring companies to re-code medical records. Is that really a solution?


Be proactive. Start making changes today. The next wave of innovation is on the horizon.

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