Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Practice Management: Key Resource for Medicare Advantage


Practice Management: Key Resource for Medicare Advantage

Who has more face time with your members than anyone else? Is it their primary care physician? Probably not. Think back to your last doctor’s appointment, how much time did you spend face to face with the doctor? What about the nurse or the front office?

A physician’s closest ally is his office manager. Why aren’t health plans tapping this important resource?

Patient engagement has recently taken center stage as everyone is focused on finding new and meaningful ways to connect with their members.

As a practice manager for over 10 years, I urge health plans to open up new lines of communication with practice managers and office staff.

If a plan wants to change processes within the delivery of care, you must start with the initial point of contact.

If a plan wants to know what their members want, ask the person who answers the phone at their PCP’s office.
The perspective of practice management can offer incredible insight and adds value that the patient will understand.

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