Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Creating Value in Health Care


APPROVED by the AAPC for 4 CEUs - $12.99

On-Demand Course Overview:

We insist on value when we buy our lunch, our car, our clothes, and our home. Why not in healthcare?

Since 2015, the US has been transitioning from a fee-for-service payment system to one based on value. This on-demand course will introduce the concepts of value-based care, population health and social determinants of health with highlights from Dr. Hart’s new book, “Value in Health Care”. By active creation of value in healthcare, we can rein in costs while improving quality outcomes and the experience of patients and providers. 

A journey toward sustainable healthcare with improved results.

“When we identify individual-level social risk factors, we can devise interventions to address them specifically or collect data to understand where community-level interventions might improve a population’s health.”

— Jon Hart, MD MBA

Course Instructions 

  1. Register today and complete at your own pace. 
  2. Complete the course. 
  3. Pass the post test. 
  4. Download your certificate. 

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