Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Is your Organization Administering and Managing Health Risk Assessments?

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Patient Centered Health Risk Assessments are a valuable tool that can be used to identify and capture opportunities for prevention, identify injury risks, reduce modifiable risk factors, and alert providers of an urgent health need.

How are you ensuring that all of your patients complete an annual HRA?

 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 included several provisions intended to improve the health of Americans and prevent the onset of preventable chronic conditions.

Section 4103 of the ACA, establishes a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit beginning in 2011 that includes a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) without cost to beneficiaries.

Other provisions of Section 4103 include:

·         Establishing standards for interactive, telephonic, or web-based programs used to furnish HRA’s, and

·         Determining ways of using the HRA in the formulation of a personalized prevention plan for beneficiaries.

The law also requires that HRA’s are easily accessible to beneficiaries and that support is provided to those wishing to complete an HRA.

The statute recognizes the critical nature of follow up services by encouraging integration of HRA’s with health information technology (HIT), including electronic medical records (EMR’s), and personal health records (PHR’s) and by leveraging these technologies in developing patient self-management skills and by the management of, and adherence to, provider recommendations, as a means of improving the health of beneficiaries.

In addition to regulatory encouragement, HRA’s offer providers an opportunity to engage with Medicare members in new ways while tackling the benefits of prevention.

Consider the value of administering and managing your HRA’s through a “Learning Health Care System”…

One where personalized assessments, and prevention planning would be available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

One where experiences are captured, stored, and then used to create individualized learning pathways that promote health literacy, prevention and chronic disease self-management.

Imagine the possibilities!

Click on the image above to launch the new HRA Experience from mHealth Games.

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