Monday, February 3, 2014

A Sustainable Healthcare System Depends on Equal Access to Quality Education

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin
Health Care Management Systems was created to provide free, high quality, on-demand learning to all of those involved in the frontlines of healthcare!


Because we have proven that “equal access to high quality education” is the missing link in the healthcare equation.  Yes, proven through a unique double blind study that you have probably never heard of…
You see, this story begins about 3 years ago on the Texas gulf coast when two unlikely partners teamed up to change the way managed care was delivered to a certain Medicare population.
The strategy was devised from a simple physics theory – to influence the greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time possible – equal pressure must be applied in all directions.
Education was the single greatest variable that was common to all groups – so our hypothesis was built on the assumption that through simultaneous and continuous education at the point of care, we could make a measurable impact on both the cost and the experience of care!
The project was a huge success from both a financial and cultural perspective. Two years later that “little experiment” is now out funding larger markers  – all without ever auditing a chart!

Lighting in a Bottle –
Okay, so our hypothesis was a success, but where do go from here? We were so amazed and excited about the outcome that we wanted to find a way to offer it to everyone – anywhere, anytime, anyplace and on any device!
So, we developed a vehicle: Global Health Care Management Systems ( – an innovative learning platform that can deliver our proven education to everyone on the frontlines!
Anyone involved who wants to learn is invited to join the HCMS Academy!
To ensure that this tool will continue to be available to all of those we serve, we have teamed up with other healthcare leaders to provide employer sponsored learning as well.
A big THANK YOU to all of our partners and sponsors – without them none of this would be possible….
To learn more about our pilot program please visit:
To find out how you can partner with us to ensure equal access to quality education email:

How Do I Sign Up?


We invite everyone currently working on the frontlines or those contemplating a new career in healthcare to register for the HCMS Academy. Register for free courses and receive certifications in Medicare Risk Adjustment, ICD-10 Coding and Rapid Practice Innovation. As a member of the Academy you are invited to join our conversation on the “Innovation X-Change.” The X-Change provides a secure, HIPPA compliant meeting space for visionaries to share ideas and collaborate on future projects. Join a group or start your own. Register today at – What are you waiting on – it’s totally FREE!


Are you involved in health care? If so, we invite you to join us in our mission! By sponsoring e-learning for your employees or industry partners you can help ensure that everyone has equal access to high quality education.
By partnering with HCMS, you extend our proven education to your organization at no cost and we are able to provide you with state of the art analytics including dashboards to track implementation and progress across large organizations in real time. This system was built on an API that accepts up to 5 data sources which potentially allows us to measure and analyze financial, educational and utilization data together for the first time. All of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional analytics.
To learn more about how we can partner for a better tomorrow, please contact:

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