Monday, February 24, 2020

2020 HCC Coding Essentials

2020 HCC Coding Essentials

- All NEW for the V24 Model

Prepare your team for victory this risk adjustment season with the CMS-HCC Coding Essentials Pack. Includes all of the following:
  1. 2020 CMS-HCC Disease Factors – includes RAF for both Non-Dual and Dual members.
  2. 2020 CMS-HCC Trump Chart – Is your practice limited in the number of diagnoses you can submit per claim? This chart is a valuable resource to assist you in working smarter, not harder!
  3. 2020 CMS New and Continuing Enrollee Factors - for both Aged and Disabled members, plus Medicaid and Disabled Factors.
  4. 2020 Interaction Factors - CMS adds these factors to offset the additional resources needed to care for patients with certain co-existing conditions.
  5. 2020 Payment Count Factors - Additional factors will be added to the risk score when a patient has at least 4 payment HCCs.
  6. EHR Guide - Reduce keystrokes and choices when searching for diagnoses in your EHR. This double sided guide includes the most common ICD-10 codes. Post one by every workstation. 
  7. Top Missed HCCs - Great education piece. A provider favorite! 
- All Printed on extra thick 14 pt. cardstock to last all year.

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