Friday, January 15, 2016

Sustaining a Habit of Service Excellence

In today's healthcare environment, new payment models have created a direct link between service, patient satisfaction scores, and reimbursement because value-based purchasing rewards high performers.

What is your organization doing to ensure a habit of service excellence?  
The quality of service your organization provides is one of the few variables that can differentiate your hospital or medical practice from the competition.

"Delivering great service is just a smart business practice for any organization in any industry. It builds loyalty and positive word of mouth," says Kristin Baird, president and CEO of Baird Group. "But in healthcare, service builds trust, creates a more positive experience, and drives up patient satisfaction scores."

When embarking on the journey to service excellence, it's critical to provide tools that build on annual training and assist employees in sustaining a habit of service excellence.

Playing for Change

Is your organization reaping the financial rewards of service excellence?

Changing behavior is never easy, but mHealth Games can help!

mHealth Games engages frontline staff with interactive activities that build essential communication skills and reinforce behaviors of service excellence.

Click the picture below to launch a demo:

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