Friday, July 25, 2014

RI Medicare Non-Profit Receives $53.4 Million Federal Contract

Healthcentric Advisors, Medicare Rhode Island's Quality Improvement Organization, has been awarded a 5-year, $53.4 million federal contact by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
“This award, on the part of CMS, acknowledges the positive role Healthcentric Advisors has played in improving the quality and safety of healthcare in Rhode Island. Again, our state will continue to serve as a national model for healthcare transformation initiatives,” said John Keimig, president and CEO of Healthcentric Advisors.
CMS awarded Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization contracts to 14 organizations across the country.  In order to reach the initiatives set forth in the QIN-QIO contract, Healthcentric Advisors will be joined by Qualidigm, the current QIO in the state of Connecticut, as a subcontractor.  Healthcentric Advisors and Qualidigm will administer the contract to all 6 New England states.
"Healthcentric Advisors and Qualidigm will work across New England on strategic initiatives such as reducing healthcare associated infections, reducing readmissions and medication errors, working with nursing homes to improve care for residents, supporting clinical practices in using interoperable health information technology to coordinate care, promoting prevention activities, reducing cardiac disease and diabetes, reducing health care disparities and improving patient and family engagement," a statement from Healthcare Advisors said. "The partnership will also provide technical assistance for improvement in CMS value based purchasing programs, including the physician value-based modifier program."

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