Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Capital BlueCross challenges student developers nationwide to create web or mobile applications that improve health care

HARRISBURG, Pa., July 17, 2013 - Capital BlueCross is challenging student developers nationwide to create web-based tools or mobile applications that enrich the health care consumer experience. Winning entries can earn one of three prizes totaling $30,000.
Titled Blue Innovates, the challenge is an opportunity for students 18 years of age or older to bring their innovative ideas to life in one of three categories:
Financial: Applications that assist health care consumers in finding, accessing, organizing, simplifying, understanding or minimizing health care expenditures.
Telemedical: Technology that provides consumers with affordable and high quality health care while saving time and money.
Experiential: Tools that help consumers have a more personalized and satisfying health care experience and that enhance their well-being.
"As a leader in the health care industry, Capital BlueCross is seeking to develop new solutions that will meet the evolving needs of consumers who want to interact with health care like every other retail experience," said Donna K. Lencki, Capital BlueCross chief marketing officer. "We recognize there are a lot of talented people looking for an outlet to showcase their ideas and creativity. Blue Innovates allows us to tap into the minds of'millennials' to drive innovation in a rapidly changing industry to help consumers better understand and navigate the health care system for the best possible outcomes. We are delighted to kick-off this challenge."
Students may use their preferred tools, programming languages and technologies to develop a unique solution. All entries for Blue Innovates must be submitted by Nov. 22, 2013. Winners will be announced by Dec. 20, 2013. Entries must be original work created by the developer who is submitting the application for consideration.
To get started, students can visit Blue Innovates to register and review contest rules. Developers can also use the online forum on the Blue Innovates web site for support and advice throughout the process.
The developer of the first-place winning application will receive $15,000, while the second and third place winners will receive $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.
About Capital BlueCross
In 2013, Capital BlueCross is celebrating 75 years of serving central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley residents and businesses as the region's leading health insurer. Through its family of companies, Capital BlueCross brings innovative services and clinical solutions to the marketplace. Committed to delivering medical value to its communities, Capital BlueCross focuses on improving patient satisfaction, enhancing quality of care and reducing costs. The company continues to lead the change in the industry by meeting the evolving health needs of its customers, most recently by entering the retail market and building a first-of-its-kind health and wellness store called Capital Blue. Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., Capital BlueCross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, employing more than 1,800 people. More information about Capital BlueCross can be found at

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