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“Rapid Practice Innovation” is a scientific process of implementing positive, whole system change within a medical practice. Our rigorous approach begins at the initial point of contact and provides practical, proven strategies for rapid innovation. ERM’s proprietary model enables clients to shift directions rapidly. Inspired by lessons from lean manufacturing, our unique process integrates education and process improvements to improve the overall experience for all stake holders.

Rapid Practice Innovation in 180 Days

1)      Initial on-site “audit” of practice processes.
a.       Comprehensive practice evaluation and needs assessment including baseline knowledge of all staff.
b.      Detailed findings that outline a specific plan of action to meet compliance and revenue goals.
c.       Education and training that includes general compliance and regulatory issues, as well as specific areas for clinical documentation and practice improvement
d.      Development of a meaningful compliance plan that is effective for your individual needs.
e.       Create Quality improvement initiatives that will enhance staff buy-in and improve the patient experience.

2)      On-going education, training and monitoring to asses effectiveness of current initiatives and to prepare for upcoming changes (6 months)
a.       Annual Compliance training for all staff
b.      Online training to reinforce initiatives
c.       ICD-10 Mapping of Top 50 HCC Codes
d.      Clinical documentation improvement
e.       Risk adjustment methodology / provider responsibilities
f.       Contract level requirements
g.      HEDIS, PQRS and “Pay for Performance” education and training
h.      Patient Centered Medical Home education and training

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