Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How much do you know about Medicare Risk Adjustment?

Ignorance is no longer a defense, take our Medicare Risk Adjustment assessment today.

In this climate of regulatory reform, our best defense is a great offense, and education is the only way to ensure compliance. 

This assessment covers general risk adjustment, documentation and HCC coding principles. 

If you work in the industry, I challenge you and anyone you work with to test yourself. 

The results, might surprise you...

What do your employees know about risk adjustment? 
What type of training have you done?
Does your company provide on-going accessible education 24/7?
Do you know where your records are from the training class 2 years?

Empirical Risk Management can design and build custom solutions for your company as well as mobile training platforms targeted to individual deficiencies. Online secure records are accessible from anywhere for 10 years.

Call us today  772-210-2823 

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