Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NeHC helps Healthwise spur engagement

eHealth Readiness Tool will help gauge consumer engagement processes

National eHealth Collaborative and Healthwise, a nonprofit organization that develops patient education and engagement technology, announced Tuesday that, as part of their collaborative efforts, Healthwise will make NeHC's Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool available to clients.
NeHC officials note that Healthwise is a longtime partner in helping to advocate the use of eHealth tools to help patients become full partners in their care. Healthwise Senior Vice President for Policy Leslie Kelly Hall is a member of the NeHCBoard of Directors and NeHC's Consumer Consortium on eHealth Steering Committee. She led an effort to bring stakeholders together to develop the NeHC Patient Engagement Framework, which was developed to guide healthcare organizations in developing and strengthening their patient engagement strategies.
The Patient Engagement Framework, which was developed with input from consumer and patient advocates, policymakers, technology organizations, healthcare providers and health plans, has been downloaded from NeHC's website nearly 8,000 times, officials say, and is being used as a conceptual model to inform patient engagement strategies.
The NeHC Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool is mapped to the Patient Engagement Framework and meaningful usecriteria, and serves as an online diagnostic tool to help organizations quantify, prioritize, and focus their improvement efforts and measure their progress toward IT-enabled consumer engagement.
In addition to working with NeHC and other interested stakeholders to spread the word about the Patient Engagement Framework and the CeRT, Healthwise is sponsoring several annual CeRT subscriptions that will be provided to select Healthwise clients.
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"Healthwise is a leader in the healthcare community, working to accelerate the use of health IT tools that help physicians and other providers better connect, communicate and empower their patients to take a more active role in their care," said NeHC CEO Kate Berry in a press statement.
"Engaging patients directly is critical to the transformation of healthcare - engaged patients take better care of themselves, which leads to better outcomes and lower costs," added Hall. "Making the CeRT available to Healthwise clients supports our mission of helping patients make better health decisions."

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