Thursday, May 16, 2013

MS-DRG shifts in ICD-10-PCS

In a perfect world, inpatient facilities would receive the same payments for diseases and procedures after the switch to ICD-10-PCS. We know that won’t happen, that facilities will see some shift in MS-DRG assignment and as a result, different reimbursement.
question marksWhy will certain conditions track to different MS-DRGs? In part, code assignment to MS-DRGs will change because the coding guidelines are changing. Specificity is increasing in many cases and decreasing in a few.
ICD-10-CM also changes the meaning of some of the diagnosis descriptions by including more combination codes and is also changing the CC/MCC designations for some codes.
Don’t forget about coding errors. Coders may be incorrectly assigning an ICD-9-CM code now, which could lead to incorrect MS-DRG assignment. In ICD-10-PCS, coders may also assign an incorrect code by choosing the wrong root operation. That could also lead to a change in the MS-DRG.
Hospitals should begin looking at their top MS-DRGs and determining whether the documentation is sufficient to code in ICD-10. Then code the case in ICD-10 and see which MS-DRG it ends up in. Is it the same MS-DRG, a higher paying MS-DRG, or a lower paying one?
Then try and determine why the MS-DRG changed. Maybe you have more specific information. You could be picking up a CC or MCC you aren’t currently reporting. Are you correctly sequencing the codes?
Once you figure out what will happen with your top MS-DRGs, you’ll have a better understanding of the financial impact of ICD-10 and also have a starting point for physician education.

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