Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dovetail Health Introduces In-Home Pharmacist Program

Dovetail Health Introduces In-Home Pharmacist Program to help Medicare Advantage Plans Improve Star Ratings

NEEDHAM, Mass. -- 
Dovetail Health is pleased to announce its Star Rating Improvement Program that helps Medicare Advantage health and prescription drug plans enhance their star ratings through an in-home pharmacy solution that targets the closure of key gaps in care for health plan members. With increased financial and quality pressures placed on health plans by CMS, strong star ratings are more important than ever before.
Dovetail’s innovative solutions provide critical support to the highest risk members where they need it most- at home. Dovetail integrates seamlessly with its health plan clients, ensuring the highest quality of care and consistent outcomes. This proactive approach focuses on several of the most heavily weighted star measures for prevalent chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension along with a primary focus on pharmacy related measures. And, adherence measures are carefully monitored over time.
Star Rating Improvement Program
Dovetail’s clinical model for its Star Rating Improvement Program involves sending highly trained pharmacists into members’ homes to conduct Comprehensive Medication Reviews, (“CMR”), and generate reports that help members to be compliant with essential quality metrics. Dovetail’s report meets CMS guidelines to ensure that plans receive credit for the CMR’s that Dovetail completes.
The pharmacist provides a written report and telephonic follow up with prescribing physicians to discuss any recommendations for a member’s prescriptions. This information is invaluable to physicians, enabling them to better understand specific factors such as social and financial issues that are impacting their patients at home. Following the initial home visit, the pharmacist will call members to ensure recommendations are followed and any new prescriptions are filled. Dovetail Pharmacists provide more acute members with telephonic and in-home consultations as needed.
To operate efficiently and consistently, Dovetail utilizes a proprietary health management software system exclusively designed to assess members’ gaps in care while managing every facet of program delivery. Furthermore, Dovetail provides plans with data from its system to ensure they receive proper credit for the star measures addressed by Dovetail.
According to Stever Aubrey, CEO of Dovetail Health, "We give our pharmacists the training and tools they need to deliver effective and consistent results with every member they see, and we ensure that the information we collect is shared with all the key stakeholders.”
Dovetail’s pharmacists coordinate closely with members’ physicians and other caregivers which is critical to the success of the program. Diane Gilworth, NP, Chief Clinical Officer at Dovetail Health adds, "At Dovetail, our pharmacists provide valuable, actionable information to physicians in order to optimize medication regimens, close gaps in care, and ultimately improve Star Ratings.“
Dovetail Health is a leading provider of healthcare solutions, focused on improving quality of care and reducing cost to high risk patients in the place where they need it most - in their own homes. Combining trusted in-home pharmacists with proprietary technology systems, Dovetail delivers significant clinical and financial outcomes for its health plan, provider group, ACO, and hospital partners. For more information, visit www.dovetailhealth.com.

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