Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Business Innovations in Global Health Care program

Harvard Business School has launched a new executive education program aimed at improving worldwide healthcare delivery. 

The Business Innovations in Global Health Care program will take place June 26-29 on the HBS campus just outside Boston.

"We created this new program to help entrepreneurs and executives, both in developing and developed countries, think differently," said Regina E. Herzlinger, PhD, professor of business administration and faculty co-chair of the program. "These are exciting times. Before us is a huge opportunity to improve the way that healthcare is delivered and technology is used. We can learn vital lessons from entrepreneurs and private enterprises that are creating innovative ways to deliver basic health services as well as highly targeted care to chronically ill populations."

The program will feature global case studies and engaging discussions allowing participants to learn how entrepreneurs around the world are overcoming barriers to provide more efficient care and medical technology to underserved populations.

"In addition to conventional models, participants will be exposed to enterprises that focus on the base of the pyramid while generating attractive returns," said Michael Chu, MBA, senior lecturer of business administration and faculty co-chair of Business Innovations in Global Health Care. "Global leaders in entrepreneurial health care faced with real-life cases will help each other discover new concepts and practices for their organizations."

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